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Savings Under the Sun: Frugal Ways to Enjoy the Summer Holidays

G’day, budget-savvy parents!

As the school year wraps up and the summer holidays roll in, you might wonder how to keep the kids entertained without breaking the bank. Here are some unique, fun, and cost-effective activities that will keep the summer blues at bay:

1. Summer Reading Challenge

Encourage a love for reading by creating a summer reading challenge. Visit the local library for free books and create a reward system for each book your child finishes.

2. Try Geocaching

Geocaching is a free outdoor activity that combines technology and adventure. Use a GPS-enabled device to find hidden “caches” in your neighbourhood or city.

3. Start a DIY Project

Whether building a birdhouse or creating a family photo album, a DIY project can be an engaging and productive way to spend time.

4. At-Home Science Experiments

Conduct simple science experiments using household items. This can be a fun and educational way to pass the time.

5. Organise a Neighbourhood Clean-Up

Organise a neighbourhood clean-up day. It’s a great way to teach kids about protecting the environment while improving your local area.

6. Create a Home Theatre Play

Encourage your kids to write, direct, and act in their own play. It can be performed for family and friends at the end of the holidays.

7. Start a Book Club

Start a book club for your children and their friends. They can meet weekly (online or in person) to discuss their chosen book.

Summer holidays don’t have to mean empty wallets. With a little creativity and planning, these weeks can be filled with fun, learning, and memorable experiences that don’t break the bank.

Next time, we’ll share some frugal fitness tips for the New Year.

Savings under the sun, mates!